Our food is the cornerstone of our involvement with your event, but what we offer goes beyond just a meal for your guests. With fully personalised menus based on our unique flavour combinations, we’ll bring your creativity into the process while using our years of experience to create the perfect dishes for your event.

We know that a meal is about more than the food, which is why we provide the highest level of service and care to go along with your carefully crafted menu.


Instead of prescriptive set menus, below are 20 sets of flavour combinations. We believe by offering a choice of ingredients rather than a fixed menu we can increase sustainability in the catering industry, while simultaneously sparking the imagination of our clients. We don’t want to dictate the entire menu, but instead work with you to create bespoke dishes. 


This set of flavour combinations uses locally sourced products, and changes four times a year to align with the seasons. Alongside these flavour sets, we bring a base of ingredients to our dishes which are preserved, pickled and fermented; these represent our signature style.